Our Services

“I AM HUMAN”, These three simple words encapsulate our mission as an organization.

Believing that having food is a Human right, we provide food to those who are hungry. 1 in 9 Americans struggle with hunger. It is our goal to help limit the amount of people that go without a meal. We service the inner cities where the population of hungry and homeless grow everyday. We focus on the trans and gnc community who are often without resources, primarily trans youth and those living with HIV.

We provide sack lunches on a regular basis, and hot meals whenever possible.

Individuals living with HIV are often left feeling alone and isolated which often leads to depression. It is our goal to create a safe space to those individuals by implementing a virtual program where they have access to support groups, telehealth services and peer interaction.

We are also implementing a program to bring awareness to the the wellness of trans masculine identified individuals. The individuals who reach out to us for support and guidance often times do not fit into the normal guidelines. Many of the clinics who provide free or discounted services cater to the MSM population. It is our goal with this project to provide funding for the trans males who cannot afford the services.

We currently provide safe sex kit to sex workers and those living on the streets. It is our goal to provide mobile HIV testing in the near future.

As an organization founded and led by trans men it is our goal to make sure resources are available to trans and gnc identified indivduals. We will fight to break the barriers in regards to lack of education, employment, healthcare, and housing.

We have encountered trans youth living on the streets. We can provide virtual tutoring as well as a big brother/sister program to encourage positive growth in an effort to keep them safe mentally until proper housing can be located.

We have a support group that meets once a month created where all trans individuals are welcomed. The group Trans Connect “Where All Trans People Can Come Together” was formed to bridge the gap between Trans Men, Trans Women and Gender Non-Conforming Individuals through open and honest dialogue.

Through our Trans and GNC Advocacy we aim to target the use of black market hormones by giving access to health resources and providing hormones through prescriptions from medical doctors. We will also be an advocate to prevent the use of silicone injections by educating on the long term and often deadly effects of the procedures.

I Am Human Feeds Puerto Rico

March 22nd-27th I Am Human will be in San Juan, Puerto Rico. We will provide food, clothing, water and personal hygiene kits

Youth Services

Headed by our youth staff, the youth services division of The I Am Human Foundation caters to LGBTQ+ youth who have been abandoned by their families and need support.

Services Provided


Safe Sex Kits

Personal Hygiene Kits


Name Change

Gender Change

Books for School

Transportation to job interviews

Resume Writing

Suits/Dress for Interviews


Etiquette Classes


We have been diligently handed out mask and PPE to those who don’t have access to resources. To date we have given out over 1000 mask all over the country. If you are in need of a mask or any other resources during this pandemic please feel out the contact form and a member of our staff will reach out to you.